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BSI Academy Milan is the Institute of make-up, style, product management and communication offering complete masters and full immersion stage for those who are willing to undertake a real professional career in the field of beauty, fashion and show business. An innovative and modern project meeting the needs of young future professional operators with a broad boundless vision.

BSI Academy of Diego Dalla Palma and Anna Del Prete, guarantees the highest excellence standards under the supervision of both these big personalities.

Diego Dalla Palma, unique symbol in the 'made in Italy' world of beauty and image. Unusual and authoritative character, he includes professionality, competence, charm and intensity in a mix that made him become the most esteemed Italian Look-Maker and one of the most prestigious experts in the world in his field. He is naturally talented as enquiring explorer of souls.

Anna Del Prete, graduated in Organization Science and Auditor of competence, brings added value to training and competences related to the Academy courses. She manages and looks after the organization of the courses in order to guarantee a complete education in the field of beauty.

In the heart of the fashion capital, BSI Academy Milan owns interactive multimedia classrooms as well as technical laboratories where students get the knowledge and the instruments necessary to develop their professional aims.
To direct the best the future talents, BSI Academy Milan avails itself of top-level teachers, chosen from the world of fashion and image worldwide well-known. The main goal of our teachers is to share with their students the foundamental tricks useful to quickly and successfully integrate in the world of work; this happened and repeatedly happens year by year.

The flexibility of our programmes as well as the wide range of the topics treated makes BSI Academy an excellent partner also for company benefits campaigns.
To get that "something more" from its partners or to entertain with interesting and exciting activities those people who are less involved, the BSI Academy Milan proposals offer an added value to every type of encouragement with tailored-made  solutions well adjusted to very different situations and contexts.


BSI Academy Milan - Italy

Tel.: +39 0249541194 E-mail: info@academiabsi.com

The sections



it takes up training or specialising of make up consultants, stylists and costumers for the contemporary but it is also referred to everybody who, for professional or personal need, would like to improve its look through focused and specialized expert-advices.


Make Up

it takes up training of make up artists skilled  in every  beauty branches: corrective make up, bride, fashion, photographic, show and artistic make up, without forgetting hairstyling; nowadays everything is essential accessory for the make-up artist career, and a marketing-commercial training.



it takes up training of  future product managers in the cosmetic field or everybody who wants to approach or become more experienced with the technical and commercial knowledge.