Manicure Techniques With Semi-Permanent Nail Polish

Art Director Diego Dalla Palma
Purpose Of The Course::

The semi-permanent nail polish is among the most requested treatments in beauty and nail centres because with a short time and at a relatively cheap cost you can get perfectly varnished nails lasting at least 3 weeks.

This corse is addressed to beginners who are willing to start working in the field of nail-technique, but also to skilled beauty therapists who want to broaden and complete their background with one of the ultimate trends of beauty centres in Italy and worldwide.

The Profession:

The students will be taught that the Nail Artist, as a professionist, will have to deeply  explain  what a manicure with semi-permanent polish really  is.   In fact, this technique  cannot be applied on all types of nails; so, it will be also important to learn how crucial  the correct  removal of  polish is .

Program of the Course:
  • Anatomy of nail, hygiene and prevention
  • Manicure without water
  • Removal of hypercheratosis and cuticles around the nail
  • Theory about manicure notions
  • Techniques of the nail filing (complying with the nail shape and applying  a correct filing  is indispensable to  preserve the nail   foil
  • Techniques of applying French manicure  and  the semi-permanent polish with full colour on the natural nail
  • Nail polish removal without spoiling the nail foil
Duration of the Course:

5  lessons –  30 hours

Attendees Number:

20  students


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