Nail Reconstruction, French Manicure, Full Colour And Small Decorations

Art Director Diego Dalla Palma
Purpose Of The Course:

Providing the proper training to learn the nail reconstruction, the techniques and the basics for the correct execution. Students will get at first a theoretical introduction and secondly they’ll get some practice to get skilled in the nail  reconstruction technique and personalization according to the hand shape, the study of  colours, the skin complexion and the correct tone of the nail bed and of the smile line.

The Profession:

The students will be taught the professional figure of a Nail Artist who, up to date, still does not have a public register in his field where to be registered.

The Nail Artist’s  job consists in the application and decoration of artificial nails and differs from the beauty therapist’s job  because it doesn’t include curative or intruding  treatments on full body surface  but only upon nails.

Programme Of The Course:
  • Anatomia dell’ unghia
  • Cenni alle principali patologie
  • Spiegazione degli step di lavoro ed applicazione dei prodotti
  • Differenti tecniche di lavoro del prodotto
  • Preparazione dell’ unghia naturale
  • Allungamento con tip e formina
  • Ritocco dopo ¾ settimane
  • Consigli pratici per i diversi prodotti da usare
  • Creazione di un perfetto french look
  • Applicazione dei gel colorati, smalti semi permanenti (Metodologia corretta per l ‘applicazione)
  • Rimozione della ricostruzione senza traumi.
Duration Of The Course:

10 lessons –  60 hours

Attendees Number:

15  students


For more information contact BSI at Academia n. 0249541194

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