Beauty salon nail art with semi-permanent nail polish

Artistic Director Diego Dalla Palma
Purpose of the course::

Nail Art is a wide and varied sector, including  knowledge of  a  number of methods and techniques of figurative design.

Each operator will use the most suitable tools and materials in order to achieve the best results.

The profession:

The Nail Artist will have to advise his clients on the most suitable embellishments , according to nail shape, its length, the total look, always in harmony with a good sense of beauty.

Programme of the course:

Starting from teaching the correct use of the proper instruments, we’ll arrive to the choice of the different colours, both of watery and semipermanent polishes.
Students will earn the decorations in 3D with the help of techniques for streaking, sponging and working with glitter and cristals in 3D.

Duration of the course

1 lesson – 6 hours

Attendees number

10/15 students.


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