Manicure For Photo Shooting

Art Director Diego Dalla Palma
Purpose of the course:

The students  will learn how to move with skill and expertise  in the field of manicure during a photo shooting or a live broadcasting.

They’ll get  theoretical and practical knowledge in order to  be quick and precise in these particular contexts, focusing on the study of the hand anatomy and  nail shape, in order to obtain the best results both in video and in photos.

They’ll learn the techniques for applying nail polish as well as the consistency of colours.

The profession:

The educational  longlasting experience, the  use of   rofessional cosmetics as well as a high-skilled teaching staff will allow the student  to get more self confidence by using quick and advanced techniques.

Programme of the course:

In the first part of  the course  students will  learn the theory, in the second part they’ll be acquainted with the manicure techniques.

Duration of the Course:

3 lessons – 18 hours

Attendees Number:

Classes cannot have more than 20 students.


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