Hair Styling Basic 48

Art Direction by  Diego Dalla Palma
Aim of the course:

The purpose of the course is to master the basic techniques of hairstyling which are necessary  to complete the training of professional make-up.


The course teaches the different styles, classical or fashion, elegant or messy and encourages one’s own creativity to invent new ones. The students will learn to know and appraise the hair through the experienced use of tools and products suitable for hairstyle. At the end of the course they will master the techniques to create textures as well as original and trendy styles  by practicing directly on poupettes and models.

Subject  Areas:
Practical Subjects
  • Straight hair (using brushes, hairdryer and flat iron)
  • Texturing hair (using brushes, hairdryer, flat iron and iron)
  • Waivy hair ( using brushes, hairdryer and iron)
  • Curly hair (iron, pinching)
Duration of the course:

8  days of 6 hours/daily (48 hours)


Max. 10 students

Information about Prices:

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