Beauty Consultation

Art Direction by  Diego Dalla Palma


Aim of the course

To learn how to apply a flawless and personalized make-up and know the secrets of the professional make-up artists, to live the unique experience that will let you transform and appreciate your look and feel more self confident.


The personalized beauty consultation is a 1-day course to be spent under the leading of Diego Dalla Palma staff, made of a make-up artist, a hairstylist and communication expert; you can learn the techniques to enhance your personal style. Starting from a check-up of your figure and personal wardrobe up to a restyling of your hairstyle, clothing, accessories and make-up to appraise your potentialities at the utmost.

Practical Subjects
  • Corrective make-up
    • contouring
    • camouflage
    • eyebrows correction
  • Beauty Make Up
Theorical Subjects
  • The theory of colour and shapes (Munsell method, chromatic analysis, morphological analysis)
  • Selling techniques
Duration of the course

1 day full immersion, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.


Individual course


€ 800 VAT included

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