Advanced Course Top Make Up 60

Art Director Diego Dalla Palma
Purpose Of The Course::

Course of  10 lessons,  starting  from the absolutely necessary basics for any make-up professional operator, up to the achievement of the latest fashion trends through innovative techniques and a creative process.

The Profession::

Addressed to the professional operators in the field of beauty and make-up  who are willing to improve their professional  level  with an  innovative UPGRADE COURSE  on the  latest make-up techniques as well as  to keep updated on the latest fashion trends.

Programme Of The Course:
  • Study of the various face shapes
  • Light/dark corrective contouring
  • Look (Nude look, Day gradiant look, amazing look for evenings/events)
  • Smoky eyes and look of the latest fashion trends of New York, Milano, London and Paris catwalks collections
  • Look eyeliner
  • Application of false eyelashes (full and locks also semipermanent)
  • Personalized day look
  • Revival of make-up from the past decades, starting from the 20s up to the Top Models 90s.
Duration Of The Course:

60 hours full immersion split into 2 weeks from Monday to Friday, 6 hours daily.

Attendees Number:

Max. 20  students.


Please apply to BSI Academy (tel. n. 0249541194)

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